Hey Bronco is an untamed music corral : the storytellers rising dust play these musics, quite unfashionable around here with this je-ne-sais-quoi rough and sincere ; handmade and in the rules of art, between Lonesome-Rock and Indie Folk.

If one doesn't go without the other, the simplicity of the word touches right to the heart : vivid, sharp and straight, free from shackles, fluid as water, muscular as the wood or fragrant like the dawn, nothing cheat or serpentine, everything beats from experimenting the living, confronting the other to our own existence, from the tallest to the smallest, from the the widest to the most insignificant, like this horseshoe that you’ve found, supposed to keep away bad luck, you keep it preciously.

Hey Bronco is a wild Rodeo and it’s gonna last more that 8 seconds.

Put a feet on the fence, dude. Somewhere, someone is preparing a fire.

Hey, Bronco.