Surrounded by bald eagles waiting on a fence, Brother Junior's first EP “Beginner's Luck” was released quite confidentially in 2019. Sandy americana riffs, dirty folk and harmonised post rock are music lovers’ treats.

If we believe in serious poker player beliefs', beginner's luck doesn't exist. Do we talk about professional luck, do we? Bullshit. A professional that wins, is it only because of his experience, of his technique, or just because he's good at it? And a beginner…is it because he throws his cards by chance, not understanding a single thing he's doing ? Chance has got nothing to do with it, Pal.

Jullien Arniaud is well known in all the citie’s saloons, because of his old gang, the HOST. Lately, he's been seen quite often with the January Sons and even with the big guy of LEKØ .

So if Brother Junior had to present another EP, it would have nothing to do with luck, man. Stop with fortune favors fools. If he still thinks as a beginner, it's just in the buddhist master Shunryu Suzuki's way « in the spirit of the beginner, possibilities are many, instead of the expert's, possibilities are limited.

Brother Junior ? A man able to draw an horizon line, orange and red, in the desert while adding a girl just in front. With only one chord. As far as one can see.