Don't ask too many questions. Listen to records. Lots of records. Have an obscure, penniless, US songwriter, two or three 80's indie heroes from the UK, a few contemporary hitmakers without any percivable nationality and a row of folk icons, all sitting together on a half-torn class photo.

Read poetry. Lots of poetry. Write songs. Lots of songs. Name oneself Raoul so that

English speakers can't pronounce it, but write it Rahewl so that the French can't write it.

And because nothing really matters, scrupulously ensure that everything is hypersensitive, as simple

as a bird soaring free flight on the ether of city polluted air currents.

Rahewl sings and plays a sincere, candid, mature and liberated Folk, with the desire to tell us about life,his.

We think of Ben Howard, Mac DeMarco or Kevin Morby.